Your secret weapon for coordinating with clients

Coordinating your schedule can be a nightmare, let alone the schedules of multiple clients. Chava helps you manage contacts, schedule appointments, and reschedule ones that get cancelled without making your clients download an app or go to a website.


1. Clients request a time through text message

Once you download the app, we will provide you with a unique Chava number clients can use to schedule time with you. All they have to do is text the number and voilà!


2. Chava finds the
best time to meet

With your approval, we'll find the best times for you to meet and automatically give your clients options. As they select, we'll keep you up-to-date.


3. Need to reschedule?
No problem.

Things are always shifting, but we'll handle the grunt work for you! Our algorithm automatically finds the next best time so you can go on doing... anything else!


"Chava fills the gap in the market for a tool that manages all our client conversations through text [messaging]."

- Sasha C., Owner of Massage Therapy Clinic


Early bird gets the worm.

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